Palmtree retreat - life coaching  and yoga week -  Valencia

by the city and the beach

Palmtree retreat - Yoga and Life coaching week in Valencia


Palm trees are the symbol of "victory", victory and peace. The Palmtree retreat - Life coaching and yoga week in Valencia is a week in the beginning of July 2022. I week full of peace (yoga) and victory (life-coaching). It is a week open for all kind of people, open for self development. It's not necessary to have done yoga before. The yoga classes are suitable for all levels as well as the activities for personal growth we are going to do are practical, manageable yet deep. Expect a magical and transformational week that can change your life. 

While doing "the palmtree work" on peace and victory there is also enough time to get to know new people, relax and enjoy the Spanish sun. As well is getting to know the vibrant mediterranian city of Valencia. Fun things to do, discover the city and enjoy delicious Spanish tapas together.

For four days Christa and Pilar guide you during personal growth coaching activities and yoga classes that we do outside directly by the sea on the beach or a palm tree park next to the beach. The goal is to connect with ourself and grow from there. There is no need to come with a certain life question to this retreat. Just come and experience and let us surprise you how much you are going to learn. It's nice to be open minded and let us guide you to your higher self. 

Accommodation on less than 5 minutes from the most beautiful beach in Valencia. Playa Patacona. A white sandy beach with a clear blue sea. Nice beach bars and of course palm trees. The residence has several shared bedrooms, a kitchen, 2 bathrooms, balcony and living room and is for a maximum of 12 people. Bicycle rental is included in the accommodation.



  • Daily practical personal development activities and yoga classes outside in the sun.

  • Every sunset we watch together on the beach.

  • Bike tour included. 

  • A week in which you may make friends for life.

  • A stay in a magical place. Directly on a beautiful beach and less than 15 minutes by bike from the beautiful city center of Valencia.

  • Internationally qualified and experienced yoga teacher and coach.

  • Breakfast available at your accommodation whenever you want.

  • Lunch together twice. One joint dinner included. To connect with each other and enjoy together.

  • 4 nights and 5 days accommodation right on the beach.

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Check-in Time:


Check-out Time:



  • Instruction in Dutch or English.

  • Optional to add extra private coaching.


The retreat is from Monday to Friday. We start on Monday at 12am.  So make sure you are in Valencia before the start of the retreat. You can of course come a day or a few days earlier to discover the city already. On friday we end the day at 3pm. You can book this flight as a return flight. Or who knows, you might want to stay a little longer.


​Monday at 12am we meet at the accommodation and after that we start right away with a first life coaching workshop outside under the palmtrees. After the workshop we go to have lunch together. Enjoy some free time at the beach and we will have a sunset yoga class. Right after the yoga class we will have an included dinner together. 


On Tuesday you can grab and make your own breakfast from everything that is in the fridge for you. We start with a yoga class at 10:30 on the beach side. Enjoy your free time and lunch on your own. At 16:00 we will have a life coaching activity and a relaxing yin yoga class afterwards. At around 19 you are free to do whatever you like. 


On Wednesday we start the day with a 3 hour bike tour at 10am through the city. To get to know Valencia, take some amazing pictures and do sightseeing. After the bike tour there is some siesta/lunch time to enjoy. At 17:30 we will do a yoga/meditation class with a small personal development activity after. We end the day at 19 to do your own thing.


On Thursday we start the day at 10:30 with a yoga class. Enjoy the beach and a lunch yourself after. At 16 we meet again for a personal development activity. In the evening later there is a sunset yoga class.

On Friday we check out a bit before 11am from the accommodation and have a brunch included in the program while doing an ending life coaching workshop together. ​This will immediately be the farewell of the Palmtree yoga and coaching retreat.

The yoga classes are vinyasa yoga style or yin yoga. If you have any questions about the content of the activities, please send us a message. To follow the Spanish rhytm, dinner is always a bit later. 

This will immediately be the farewell of the Palmtree retreat - life coaching weekend.


Lunch and Dinner included on the first day. Groceries for breakfast are in your fridge and are also included. The price for lunch or dinner in Valencia is very low. So nice to enjoy this. Christa or Pilar have a lot of great tips for somewhere to eat and drink. There is also a kitchen in the apartment so you can also make use of that. 



Christa Schep

Christa is 33 years old and started her personal self-development journey when she was 25. Since then, not a day goes by that she does not reflect on some life lessons. In addition to being a yoga teacher, Christa is also a life coach, but she finds her role as an experience expert more important. "I went through the dark to find the light and I love to share everything that has helped me or in which I believe can help others to get one step further in life with others. I have a passion for working with people and help lifting others. Christa suggest to join the Palmtree yoga and coaching retreat: "To take a step further in your life, but also to have a good time and come back home completely relaxed"  

Valencia and retreat location

Valencia is a vibrant city on the Mediterranean coast. The city has a very nice vibe. Valencia is a city that you really should visit. The retreat location is located close to Playa Patacona. A fantastically beautiful beach where many of the activities will also take place. On this beach you will find the "chiringuitos", real Spanish small beach bars. Playa Patacona is approximately 25 minutes by bike from the city center of Valencia.


The accommodation is spacious and there are 10 beds. The beds are in shared rooms. You can book this retreat with a friend, but it is even as much fun to come alone and meet new people.  There are several bathrooms. A large kitchen with a large dining table, balcony and all necessities.

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Distances:  Playa 1 min   |   Valencia stad 25 min   |   Ruzafa 20 min​



Includes: Lunch and Dinner on the first day, at least 2 daily life coaching workshops  or yoga classes per day, use of all facilities in the accommodation, a fridge full of food and drinks for breakfast. bike rental. Bike tour of the city of Valencia. Lunch the last day. 


Flight ticket must be booked separately. In addition, you have small expenses on food and drink.

*If the palmtree retreat cannot take place due to travel restrictions, there is a money back guarantee. Or you can choose to leave your booking for a future event. Even if its price is higher. The choice here is yours.